Dr. Dixit

Thank you for giving me a chance to volunteer and learn from you all these last 2 months. It was really a pleasure to see that KAT Nepal is an organization that cares about street animals, and that you take your responsibilities seriously.

Everyone – from Ravi Bhai, Sanu Bhai and Gauri Didi, who cleaned and cooked (for both humans and dogs!), to Ram Dai and Thakur Dai, the dog-catchers, to Sushmita and Binita Bahini, the vet nurses, and of course Basuji and Akashji, the important admin staff who keep the organization going – did your best to look after the animals with the limited resources that you have.

As a veterinary volunteer, I was mostly in the operating room. There, I liked that the resident vet, Dr. Bidur Piya, only let us do surgeries after assisting a few times, you only let us operate on dogs that would not be released for a few days so we could oversee their recovery, and you never minded when we asked you numerous questions or suggested alternative treatments. You were always willing to discuss cases rather than do things only your way.

You kept the welfare of the dogs and cats above everything else, and are an extremely experienced, humble and responsible vet. One day I hope to be as good at surgery as you!

KAT-NEPAL really has to keep going, and I would like to come back whenever I can in the future!

Thank you for a great experience.

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