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Could your generosity help to transform the lives of thousands of animals in Nepal?

Legacy gifts allow you to make a powerful and lasting impact for the causes that you care about after you’re gone. Even by gifting a very small portion of your estate to charity, the difference that it can make will be huge, especially for us at KAT Centre and the street dogs and cats that we rescue on a daily basis. With your help we can expand and invest in the future of animal welfare in this country. Please join us in reaching our ultimate goal of ensuring that every single animal in Nepal lives a life free from suffering.

This page details what is involved in leaving a legacy gift and the simple steps you can take to remember KAT Centre in your Will.

Why I’m leaving a legacy for the KAT Centre
Paul Hildebrand
Retired Drama Teacher – Hanover College / USA

“Family dogs and cats have always been part of my life. My dogs have all been adopted from animal shelters and all came with a sad story. (My cats have always just appeared at my door and adopted me!)

My current dog, Buddy, came to me from one of these rescue organizations. For the first three years of his life he had been kept on a chain 24/7 in a junk pile with no socialization or veterinary care. I have had him now for two years during which time he has blossomed! He has been trained and certified as a therapy dog, visiting hospitals, schools, and prisons, bringing the comfort and respite that only dogs can provide. He is an example of how resilient dogs can be with love, care, and training. Buddy is now one of the “star” success stories of the rescue organization, often featured in their publicity.

In 2008 I had the privilege of spending a summer in Nepal under a faculty study grant and loved everything about the country, but I was horrified by the lives of the street dogs. Nothing I had seen before prepared me to see their suffering and struggles to survive! As soon as I returned home I went online to find a way to help and discovered the wonderful work that KAT is doing. Since that time, I have been a contributing supporter as much as I am able, including sponsoring KAT’s house dogs. I am enormously proud to be a part of KAT’s wonderful work, even from where I am, here on the other side of the world!

I am single with no dependents, and so I did not have to think long about how to direct my estate when I pass away. I have chosen KAT to be one of the major beneficiaries in my will. I am not wealthy, but it is so good to know that the wonderful work of KAT will continue to grow with my help even after I am gone to benefit the struggling lives of the street dogs and cats of beautiful Nepal!”

Buddy and me
Buddy on his graduation day from therapy dog training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the long-term impact of my gift for KAT Centre?

Take a look at our success stories to see the amazing transformation of formerly maltreated, sick animals into happy cats and dogs!