Fundraise For KAT

Fundraise For KAT

KAT Centre Nepal relies exclusively on donations from compassionate animal lovers all around the world, as it receives no government funding. We take pleasure in making the most effective use of funds possible so that the greatest number of animals can be assisted.  

You can fundraise and support KAT in the following ways:

  1. Celebrate your birthday with us! 

Many of our supporters contribute by celebrating their birthdays with us and sponsoring a meal for the dogs and cats on that particular day!

  1. Online Fundraising 

You can use the following websites to fundraise for KAT:

3. Donation Stations

You may raise money in your neighborhood by putting up donation stations/stands and making a pitch to tell people about the work of the KAT Centre  

4. Host a fundraising event

There are several possibilities for holding a fundraiser. A fundraiser concert, if you know numerous artists or bands, or a book sale, if you have a lot of old books and want to keep the prices down, may be a good suggestion. 

5. Collecting useful items

You may also gather useful goods from your neighborhood, such as blankets, discarded clothing, cat litter, dog food, and cat food, to contribute to KAT’s animals.

6. Shopping for yourself from AMAZON SMILE!

If you login with Amazon Smile and select KAT USA as your charity, Amazon will automatically donate 5% of your sale to KAT USA. This does not cost you anything! The prices are still the same and you still accumulate points.