Adopt an Animal


The end goal of our work in rescuing and treating street animals is the day when they will finally be able to return to their communities and continue life free from disease and discomfort. For many, this is the life that they know, and captivity is intolerable for them.

However, some of the dogs and cats we rescue will never be able to fend for themselves on the streets again. This may be due to their disabilities – for example if they lost a leg, while others receive treatment at KAT Centre for so long that they become dependent on people and forget the survival skills that they once knew.

These animals remain with us until they are able to be adopted.

“Adoptions are crucial to our work as they enable us to continue taking in new rescues.”



Save an animal’s life and have a new best friend – for free!

Adopting an animal is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. The feeling of doing a good deed and the love that you will receive from your new friend can really change your life. You will have a new and loyal member of your family that will be with you through the good times and the bad.

Some of the benefits of adoption are:

Save money


We spay, neuter and vaccinate the animals that come into our care. This saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for the procedures yourself and it ensures the pet you are taking home is healthy. Furthermore, all dogs and cats adopted from KAT Centre are entitled to free basic health checks up to one year after the date of adoption.

Change a life


By adopting from us, you will be providing an animal with the second chance they deserve. Many have been rescued from horrific circumstances such as cruelty, neglect and abandonment. By re-homing a pet you can give an animal that has lived a hard life on the streets a loving, stable home.

Unconditional love


It is said that animals know when they have been rescued, so the bond between you and your re-homed pet will be especially strong. A pet is a companion that will never judge you, will love you regardless of whatever happens and will always be there. As well as making you feel great, their unconditional love raises your self-esteem because of the affection they show you.

Fight puppy farms


Puppy farming is the immoral practice of breeding puppies for the sole purpose of maximizing profit, without any regard to the dog’s health or well-being. Dogs at puppy farms are forced to breed many times and they are often kept in terrible conditions without basic necessities. People who run these places do not care about producing healthy dogs, and they often have diseases and disabilities. The dogs usually don’t receive any veterinary care. Adopting from us helps to stop animals from being subjected to this horrific treatment because rather than funding these businesses you will be re-homing a pet from somewhere reputable that supports animal welfare.



Current Residents


The following dogs all live with us long term because they cannot safely be released (for their own protection) and have not been fortunate enough to be adopted into a loving home.

We care for them while waiting for the day that someone will come and give them a new life away from the hustle and bustle of KAT Centre. Some of them are disabled and others have suffered hard lives on the streets and need plenty of care and affection.

All of the dogs listed below are gentle and have not been known to be aggressive towards humans at any time. They all have their own story and their own personalities and are waiting here for you to come and meet them.


Oreo is a friendly dog with a gentle temperament who lost her leg in an accident and has been living with us for several years. She’s very inquisitive and peaceful around both humans and other animals.


Lassie is a beautiful dog who is friendly with both humans and animals. She loves being brushed and taken for walks (at a slow pace, because she sadly lost one of her legs in an accident. She has been living with us for around 18 months.


Tammy is another sweet and peaceful dog who never bothers anyone and loves to have her long, soft fur stroked. She has been with us for a couple of years now and occasionally suffers from skin problems for which she needs extra care.


Mummy is a strong, independent dog who is the gentle giant of KAT Centre. She’s incredibly intelligent and often wanders outside of our grounds up to 2km away, but always returns to where she knows she will be fed. She came to us after having trouble during childbirth, hence her name – mummy.


Khali is a powerful and impressive looking male dog who bears a unique scar above his nose from the injury that brought him to us just over one year ago. After a dog fight, his face had been badly damaged and the bone was exposed, requiring months of treatment. Now he’s good as new and watches over his new home like a trusted sentinel.


[RESERVED] Bandit is another classic character who has a very strong presence in KAT Centre and is known by all who visit. She’s been with us for upwards of five years and lives a free and independent life while here – we just keep her inside to make sure she isn’t able to be too naughty as she loves to steal food!


Max is blind, and lives a quiet retired life at KAT Centre, which has he called home for the past five years. Although he can’t see, his other senses are good enough to enable him to get around and explore. When he receives affection from one of our staff or volunteers, he loves to press his head comfortingly against their legs and be stroked.


Hope is another one of our poor disabled dogs who lost one of her back legs. The positive energy that she is always expressing through her behaviour despite only having three legs is what led us to name her Hope. She has been with us for several years and although loved by our volunteers and visitors, she has not yet been lucky enough to inspire someone to adopt her.


Peach is fluffy, playful and friendly. When she came to KAT Centre three years ago she was suffering from distemper that nearly caused her to die. Now she looks great and is absolutely ready to go home, wherever that might be.


Dane is one of the most memorable dogs that we have at KAT Centre due to her unique ability to climb high fences and walls – and also one that requires the most care when re-homing because of her tendency to escape. She hates to be enclosed and needs to live somewhere with a large area to explore and play in to prevent this from happening.


Ninja is a lovely dog in perfect health – young, full of energy, in a great condition and very friendly with both dogs and humans. The expression in her eyes, when you see them in person, also makes her a very unique dog. It’s a wonder to us that she has yet to find someone to take her home.


Sarna is cuddly, warm and affectionate. She loves food and sleeping in the sun and doesn’t like to get too excited or tire herself out. Her personality is very laid back. At the same time, she will warmly nuzzle against your leg to be stroked and is a very sweet girl to keep you company in the lonely nights.


Chester was abandoned by his owner after falling sick and since being at KAT Centre has been adopted three times, all unsuccessfully. We are waiting for someone to give him a final chance at a life in a loving home.

As an organisation dedicated to animal welfare we want to ensure that before adopting, you are sure that you can care for your new pet.

Dogs and cats can live for up to 15 years of age and it is very important to think carefully before making a commitment.

We ask interested persons to fill in an ownership contract and to confirm that you are ready, willing and able to provide for all of their needs, in sickness and in health.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Past Residents

Dogs who were once very well known members of the KAT family who have since been able to move on to a new life with their adopted families!