Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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Tried and tested

Animal Welfare Organisations accept that Animal Birth Control (ABC) has been proven to be the only humane way of controlling the street dog population and eliminating rabies worldwide.

In many cities in India, Animal Birth Control (ABC) has completely eliminated rabies and dramatically reduced street dog populations.

A stray dog in Nepal, rescued and treated by the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Post-op care at the KAT Centre



Beauty before treatment
Buddy when he arrived at KAT

Beauty after treatment
Buddy after medical treatment


Help us reach our goals

We are continually looking to improve our facilities and expand our programme, and for this we need to increase awareness and raise much needed funds. Please help in any way you can and Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.


Beauty before treatment
Beauty before treatment

Beauty after treatment
Beauty after treatment

Photos of what volunteers
can do at the KAT Centre
in Kathmandu, Nepal

Two volunteer veterinarians give medical treatment to an injured dog

Volunteers talk to people in Nepal about the Kathmandu Animal
Treatment Centre's programmes

'I already miss the city and the centre very much...and the street dogs! Thank you for helping make this life changing experience possible for me.'
– A volunteer veterinarian from the USA

A volunteer and KAT staff bandage a stray dog's injured leg

A volunteer gives loving care to restore a dog at the shelter to full health

Volunteers at events in Nepal talk to people to raise awareness about street dogs and the KAT Centre's programs to help them, as well as how to avoid dog bites and rabies

A volunteer vet examines a dog with skin disease as part of the Kathmandu
Animal Treatment Centre's Rescue and Treatment Program

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Animal Treatment Centre