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Beauty before treatment
Beauty before treatment

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Beauty after treatment

Give Foster Care to Animals
in Your Home

Provide a temporary home for a dog or cat (or puppies or kittens) in need!

Be a foster parent for pets in Kathmandu, NepalSome dogs and cats at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre need some time or special care before they can return to their neighborhoods or be adopted. You can help these animals by giving them a temporary home! Opening your home and heart to a foster animal can be incredibly rewarding. Fostering an animal is like being a grandparent – all of the fun of playing with and raising animals without the long-term commitment!

Many dogs and cats benefit from being in a home environment and getting personal attention and care that they can’t get at the KAT Centre. Animals who need fostering include very young puppies and kittens, dogs and cats who need time to recover from illness, injury, or surgery, and shy or scared pets who want to learn to trust people. We can connect you with animals who match your interests and your living situation.  

Fostering an animal typically lasts from a week to a couple months, depending on the animal’s needs. You can foster animals based on your schedule and availability.Fostering puppies and kittens in your home by bottle-feeding

The KAT Centre will provide any medical treatment the animals need, at no cost to you. You can contact us at any time if you have questions about your foster animals.

Fostering animals is an important responsibility, so please be prepared to make a commitment to the animals in your care.

Animals you may foster include:
   - Very young puppies and kittens, including ones who need to be fed by bottle
   - Dogs and cats who need time to recover from illness, injury, or surgery
   - Animals who only need basic treatment that you feel comfortable providing
   - Animals who may feel less stress in a home than at the KAT Centre
   - Mothers with babies
   - Shy or frightened pets who want to learn to trust people
   - Animals who will benefit from training

Contact the KAT Centre at KATinfo@katcentre.org.np or 4377729 to learn more about our Foster Care Program.