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Together, let us create a city where cruelty is eliminated.

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Our foundation and corporate sponsors

WSPA is funding our Animal Birth Control (ABC), Rescue & Treatment Programme, and part of the Education Programme.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust through Humane Society International funded our new animal ambulance.

The Chaudhary Group has over 40 companies under its umbrella and a distribution network spanning the Indian Subcontinent. They generously support the KAT Centre with monthly donations.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has funded the purchase of veterinary supplies and medicines.

The Body Shop has contributed to our running costs.

digitworks designed this website.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust has facilitated our education programmes.

The Charlotte Parks Foundation supported our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme for three months.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust has sponsored our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

A number of other companies, large and small, have donated

The KAT Centre's December 2014 Newsletter

A very Merry Xmas to all our supporters
the KAT team

Our new Centre is proving to be everything we could hope it would be. Here at KAT centre our mission goes on. Due to the massive work required when we moved and the need to settle our feathers after the move, plus building new kennels etc, during 2014. We were not able to treat and spay the same quota of dogs as normal. But we are now back on form. In the past 6 months we spayed 600 dogs and rescued and treated 254 dogs.

The dogs enjoy the spacious grounds and our volunteers enjoy the accommodation now available.

We also have the space now to build a much bigger cat enclosure away from the dogs.

It has been a busy time for everyone at our new KAT. Winter is coming and we are frantically building more new kennels and preparing for the cold weather.

Our founder Jan Salter receiving the MBE Award bestowed by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and presented by His Excellency, the British Ambassador Andy Sparkes for her extraordinary achievements in Animal Welfare.

By reusing scraps of material, Sieun Alice Park from S.E.A Center, Kathmandu, has ingeniously made these cute little warm coats for the puppies and dogs.

While far away in Denmark, in memory of our dear Tibetan Terrier mascot, Mango, Susan Durup a long time supporter of KAT, has been creating these amazing crocheted dog baskets, and very successfully has been adverting and auctioning them online for KAT.

Our very grateful thanks also goes to Gabriele Goetz from Germany. Gabriele volunteered at KAT last May. Since then she has not only raised funds for many of KAT’s basic requirements, she has also recently provided funding for a much needed freezer.

A message from Gabriele to KAT's German Supporters:

Unterstützt KAT mit euren Online-Einkäufen - ohne mehr zu zahlen! Bitte startet eure Online-Bestellungen über die folgende Webseite! So entsteht automatisch eine Spende für KAT, die euch keinen Cent kostet. Fügt den Link am besten gleich zu euren Favoriten hinzu. Vielen Dank!


WHITE BOY: A Symbol of Hope

Tricia Russell's one month stay at KAT Centre was an eventful one. From the very first day, she bonded with a street dog she identified with as something special. She named him 'White Boy'.

'White boy' arrived at KAT with serious horrendous knife gashes cut across his back. Tricia lovingly watched over him during the healing time when he could hardly move from so much pain. With intensive care and treatment, he miraculously quickly recovered. And grateful 'White boy' never left her side.

Soon it became time for Tricia to return to the USA. Also it was time for this now healthy street dog to return to his old haunt. With a very heavy heart, Tricia took 'White boy' for what she thought was their last walk together. But the bond was too strong. This faithful dog repeatedly made his way in back to KAT, searching for her. And in the meantime, back in USA, Tricia was realizing that this street dog held a very special meaning in her life. 'White boy' does not know it, but very soon he will be winging his way to USA to be reunited with his beloved pal Tricia and where he truly belongs.

Ginger - The Street Dog Who Adopted Us by Devandra Basnet

She lives partially at our home and sleeps all day on our veranda. When she wants she wanders out to meet her street dog friends. Ginger spends mornings and evenings outside the local butcher's shop who throws scraps at her and other dogs. Every morning she walks with our daughter, Annu Shree, to her school and all the children love to play with her. She is gentle and never bothers anyone.

PS: Ginger was sterilized by Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT) a few years ago. This is the main reason that she is leading a healthy and happy life.

In the event of Rabies Day our team of both Staff and volunteers, with the help of the community KAT vaccinated approximately 500 street dogs in Thamel, Budhanilkantha and Basikot.

There has been a noticeable increase in applicants for volunteering from all across the world and we further aim to collaborate with professional organizations including Universities and Medical Manufacturers. There has also been a considerable increase of community involvement, which has resulted in the series of Face book success stories on re-housing and adoption. Visitors after seeing our Centre and meeting our dedicated team, have committed themselves for fund raising for KAT. We cannot thank them enough for all the efforts that have been taken. This positive approach from the Kathmandu community, has further energized and spurred us on even more to enforce KAT’s mission.