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Our foundation and corporate sponsors

WSPA is funding our Animal Birth Control (ABC), Rescue & Treatment Programme, and part of the Education Programme.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust through Humane Society International funded our new animal ambulance.

The Chaudhary Group has over 40 companies under its umbrella and a distribution network spanning the Indian Subcontinent. They generously support the KAT Centre with monthly donations.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has funded the purchase of veterinary supplies and medicines.

The Body Shop has contributed to our running costs.

digitworks designed this website.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust has facilitated our education programmes.

The Charlotte Parks Foundation supported our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme for three months.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust has sponsored our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

A number of other companies, large and small, have donated

The KAT Centre's June 2014 Newsletter

A Message from Jan Salter, the Founder of the KAT Centre


We have moved!

As many of you will already know, sadly, the beautiful premises which housed the KAT Centre for eight years became untenable when the municipality undertook an urban improvement scheme that included road widening in all major areas of Kathmandu. The consequences for the KAT Centre were so catastrophic that almost before we were fully aware of what was happening we found that the outside front walls (which included the office, reception room, vets' rooms and staff living quarters) had all been completely demolished.

It became necessary and urgent to find new premises for the Centre. We finally found suitable land and then the mammoth task of moving and resettling began in earnest. The relocation proved to be a major operation that was achieved with the extraordinary hard work of the KAT staff and the youthful enthusiasm of our volunteers. Volunteer Samuel Davis led the enterprise with great dynamism and soon all of our gear was transferred, but we were nowhere near being settled.

The new premises for the KAT Centre are more than three times larger than our original site and while this is a welcomed feature it also means that there is now so much more gardening and maintenance required. Since the site had not been occupied for nearly three years, both the grounds and the beautiful large house had been very sadly neglected and was a jungle. Nature had restated its claim to the land an extent that one day Samuel even came face to face with a cobra snake.

Our staff and to such volunteers were undaunted and they worked for weeks to clean the house and landscape the grounds in order to create an environment that the dogs and volunteers could safely occupy. Although this property has many nice features, including the fact that it has a high wall which provides a measure of safety for the dogs, nevertheless it was not intentionally designed to house animals. As such, before KAT Centre can functional normally again as a Centre for ABC it will entail a lot of hard work to plan and rebuild the needed infrastructure for the kennels, the operating theatre room and the isolation areas.

If you have been following KAT on Facebook you will be aware that in spite of all these difficulties, the KAT Centre has continued to conduct its rescue, treatment, and adoption programs. The KAT Centre has never closed down and it has never turned down needy cases. Credit for this goes to our many volunteers, particularly to the leadership of Riche, a dedicated volunteer who took over much of the work when Samuel returned to the UK for studies.

The move was also an opportune time to make some other much needed adjustments to the organization and personnel. We are delighted to introduce to you our new team member and manager Dr. Pushkar Pal. Dr Pal is a senior vet with many years of experience, who has taken on this new challenge with enthusiasm and dedication and always a cheerful smile – we are lucky to have him on board. Over the course of the coming weeks we will also be introducing you to several new faces on the KAT board.

We need you to help us finish the new KAT Centre. Please donate today so we can build an urgently needed operating theatre, clinic, and kennels.

Sad and Happy Moments at KAT - a Farewell to Tara

TaraBefore we moved to our new Centre, our darling Tara was helped peacefully and gently into the sleep of no return. Until the final moments she was surrounded by loyal loving members of KAT staff and volunteers who caressed her and gave her the attention she always so demanded and relished.

Tara first arrived at KAT just after we opened in 2004. When she first arrived, we were concerned that this feisty assertive paraplegic little dog would one day come to a sticky end by upsetting the bigger more aggressive dogs who might object to her bossy ways and who just might decide to fight her. But this never happened. It seemed that all the dogs understood that Tara was the ‘queen’ and all dogs, big and small rolled over for her. Before coming to KAT, Tara had been confined for many years to a tiny cage where she was made to sit in her own waste, and where she eventually developed gangrene. It is a tribute to her loving spirit that despite this cruelty she never showed aggression of any kind. Bringing her to KAT and watching her recover and develop in a nurturing environment was a learning journey for all of us. Together with Mango, she became a KAT ambassador and the dog of choice for our ‘Dr Dog” therapy programme. Over the course of her life she brought much joy into the hearts of the orphans at the Bal Mandir.

Madeleine’s Kennels

When not in the mountains volunteering with schools and children, intrepid Madeline from France was volunteering at KAT. While with us, she took up the challenge of building 7 kennels at our new Centre. While keeping in mind and being aware of our scanty means, she used her scientific mind and together with Green Architects and our staff, she contentiously designed a way to recycled the rubble and old bricks that came from the old KAT centre to complete this atheistically pleasing and very useful structure for the dogs.

Her hard work and determined drive to have this construction project finished before returning to France was an inspiration to everyone.


Madeleine receiving certificate of appreciation from the founder, Jan Salter, MBE

A Journey

By: Andrea

George, our big bad boy, was the last dog to jump out of the Jeep, into his new home. This jump signaled the transition, the last departure from the old KAT shelter and a leap into a bright new future at the new KAT site. He had arrived, and so had we all - after so many hurdles, hassles, opposition and setbacks, KAT finally achieved what we all felt at times was the impossible. We finally turned our hopes and our dreams into reality. Staff and volunteers watched George bound here and there, they were so tired, that they just stood in the gathering darkness and chill of the night. No one either cheered or clapped; no, we just savored the moment in silence. Our silence marked the start of a new chapter in the KAT journey. We later celebrated sitting on the balcony with a cup of chiya (the hot sweet Nepali tea). Who needs champagne when you can soothe tired bodies with sweet tea?

The next day was a crazy time. Excited dogs, raced around their new home; they played and sniffed and quickly adjusted to their new surroundings. The dogs quickly found their own space and happy napping spots. There were dogs who started to dig in earnest, but, we hoped not all the way to China. It was fantastic to see them running joyfully around their new home; and since this new location has so many nice trees, and since the lawn and garden are so spacious they all really had quite a lot of exploring to do.

Quickly the initial euphoria dissipated giving way to the staggering awareness that there was still so much to be done. We still needed to build permanent kennels, set up the new clinic, isolation areas and the agility area for the dogs to exercise and so very much more.

We all have a true love of animal and we share Jan’s dream. She came to oversee the move. Her eyes were shining – or was it the start of a few tears? What she has achieved in the last 10 years is amazing; but, it has been a journey filled with both good and the low times. Nevertheless, KAT has arrived. All the past struggles and battles that Jan has fought were worth it. Every now and then, a few miracles do come true.

Everyone who has been at KAT has been touched by the dogs but more by Jan's commitment to them. We have come to love KAT and to appreciate Jan's selfless dedication. It has been an honor for us all to have been part of the journey. The new KAT stands a proud witness and reflection of all our dreams.

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