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Our foundation and corporate sponsors

WSPA is funding our Animal Birth Control (ABC), Rescue & Treatment Programme, and part of the Education Programme.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust through Humane Society International funded our new animal ambulance.

The Chaudhary Group has over 40 companies under its umbrella and a distribution network spanning the Indian Subcontinent. They generously support the KAT Centre with monthly donations.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has funded the purchase of veterinary supplies and medicines.

The Body Shop has contributed to our running costs.

digitworks designed this website.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust has facilitated our education programmes.

The Charlotte Parks Foundation supported our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme for three months.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust has sponsored our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

A number of other companies, large and small, have donated

The KAT Centre's July 2012 Newsletter


A Mangy Community Dog Became A Hope At KAT Centre

Among the many many dogs we treat for Mange at KAT, during mid-April a black dog with very little hair arrived at KAT Centre. His condition was so serious he was in need of immediate treatment and attention.

Despite having obviously suffered and struggled to survive for so many months with thisdisease. Probably kicked and beaten by people who were repulsed by his condition – he remained a very friendly little fellow.

When kindly Mr. Nishant Jung Shah an annual member of KAT, saw this mangy dog in our isolation kennels, he was very much touched. He immediately decided to sponsor his treatment and named him ‘Hope’.

Hope responded very well to treatment.  With the dedicated efforts of our staff and volunteers, in a very little time he slowly began to regain back his hair. Now after two and half months, he has fully recovered. On checking with his old neighborhood, we found that the there were people who knew this brave affectionate little dog and  were delighted  to welcome him back to his old haunt now that he was better.

With the help of people like Mr. Shah, we hope to be able to treat successfully every suffering dog in Kathmandu.

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KAT's Facebook campaign for rabies vaccination

During mid April till mid June KAT Centre conducted a rabies vaccination campaign on Facebook. We requested people to share KAT's link on their page or post pictures of themselves feeding street dogs, and for each post we would vaccinate a street dog against Rabies.

The response from this was amazing. All together eighty people supported this campaign. Sushant Shrestha was able to raise as much as Rs. 17,250 from his colleagues and company. Plus Wangmo, a volunteer together with her friends hosted a party and raised a whopping Rp 22,0000. Our very big thanks go out to Sushant and Wangmo and so many others for giving so much time and effort to the needs of animals.

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KAT's effort to protect villages from Rabies

One of KAT Centre's goals is to eliminate rabies in the Kathmandu valley and for the past eight years we have been working towards this. We vaccinate every dog against rabies that comes to our centre for treatment or sterilization. Along with the regular vaccination, KAT has been conducting mass vaccination in different communities of Kathmandu. This year KAT Centre conducted a mass rabies vaccination program in Chunikhel and Pasikot Village Development Committee (VDC) of Kathmandu which was supported by Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen Committee. 

A day before the vaccination program, our staff drove to the location announcing the free rabies vaccination program and asked the local people to bring their dogs. KAT's team of veterinarians, data recorder, dog catchers and volunteers walked through every street of the two VDCs and vaccinated every dog found. 375 dogs in total were vaccinated and we also treated some sick dogs as well.  We received positive support from members of the local community. Our education program was also carried out in six schools of these VDCs where students were made aware of rabies, the importance of rabies vaccination, the needs of dogs and the ways in which to prevent dog bites.

We are greatly thankful to Rangjung Yeshe Shenphen Committee for sponsoring mass vaccination program. We will continue working to make Kathmandu a rabies free city and we hope to have a mass rabies vaccination program next year also in another community or VDC.

Working together to save KAT land

As we reported last year, the land behind our operation theatre and the isolation unit at KAT slopes steeply down and always needs to be kept stabilized. Last year with the help of Suresh Shahi and his team, together with KAT staff, they worked hard to successfully firmly hold back the land. Again this year before the coming monsoon rains, we had another big work effort to keep the land stabilized. This year, well over 25 volunteers of all nationalities Nepalese, Dutch, American, Polish, etc, boys and girls, worked solidly with feet in mud for more then three days.

Together with KAT staff and Suresh, they implanted more new strong bamboo poles and planted more trees and Bamboo plants to reinforce the land. It was for those who came to see this common effort of solidarity for the sake of KAT centre and animals extremely heart warming.

A huge thank you to all who participated.

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Eight years of success

On the 9th of May, KAT celebrated its eighth year Anniversary.  Despite threatening rain and bad weather the function was very well attended by many KAT supporters and stakeholders.

Our new manager Mr. Shambhu Karna opened the celebration and introduced our Vice Chairman, Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit who inaugurated the event.  Mr. Dixit thanked all the volunteers and staffs, who worked with so much dedication during the past year. He also said that he hoped in the future that the KAT Centre would grow to become a national organization by expanding its operation and facilitate other municipalities and animal welfare organizations. 

Mr. Babu Ram Gautam, who is chief at Public Health Department at Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), described how before KAT started, the method in previous year to reduce and solve the dog population, the Municipality poisoned ten to fifteen thousand dogs within the Kathmandu city.   He explained that this method was not only ineffective - as during the breeding season the numbers would multiply quickly.  Also, this was very cruel and abhorrent to the people who had to implement it. He expressed his personal satisfaction to be part of the establishment of KAT in 2004, as he was able to use his influence to encourage the KMC to stop poisoning of dogs in the city. KAT has proved to the Kathmandu community at large, that ‘Animal Birth Control’ program to control dog population is the most effective and humane manner to solve the dog problem.

Dr. Bodh Raj Prajuli, from Livestock Department congratulated KAT Centre for doing commendable work in the field of animal welfare in Nepal. He declared that the Veterinarian Service Department was right now in the process of developing a structured animal welfare program.

Sarah Vallentine, representative from World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) explained that as WSPA was changing their global strategy, this would be the last year of financial support for KAT. She expressed her personal concern about this, as the communities in Kathmandu are dependent on KAT Centre for stray dogs' rescue and treatment and sterilization.  She illustrated how KAT now needed more support from the community and government to be sustainable.

Gregg Tully, who has been doing remarkable computer wizard work at KAT for a year. His invaluable expertise helped develop and improved our website and communications with the international outside world at large. He spoke and shared his experiences of the many joys of working with KAT. For him, one of the best parts of being a member of the KAT team was watching sick dogs recover and become healthy and happy after the treatment.

Our founder, Ms. Jan Salter concluded the event, by sharing her memories of the many struggles and frustrations of starting up the KAT Centre. She expressed her gratitude to WSPA for supporting KAT for so many years. She also thanked staff, well- wishers, friends and volunteers for their solid support when times were difficult.

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