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Our foundation and corporate sponsors

WSPA is funding our Animal Birth Control (ABC), Rescue & Treatment Programme, and part of the Education Programme.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust through Humane Society International funded our new animal ambulance.

The Chaudhary Group has over 40 companies under its umbrella and a distribution network spanning the Indian Subcontinent. They generously support the KAT Centre with monthly donations.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has funded the purchase of veterinary supplies and medicines.

The Body Shop has contributed to our running costs.

digitworks designed this website.

The Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust has facilitated our education programmes.

The William and Charlotte Parks Foundation has supported our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust has sponsored our Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

A number of other companies, large and small, have donated

The KAT Centre's July 2010 Newsletter

Greetings KAT Supporters,

July has arrived and so has monsoon; however despite the rain, it’s business as usual at KAT. We hope you all enjoyed the new version of our newsletters and that it has made our news stories easier to access. (Feedback would be welcome).

It has been a busy and eventful time at KAT. On May 9th KAT celebrated our 6th anniversary,(our dogs also enjoyed a piece of the cake). Our founder won the prestigious Humane Society International Award for her incredible input over the last 6 years. And we welcome into the KAT family - James and Laura.

The coming of the monsoon brings with it the usual tick infestation. And here we go - with our ongoing fight against mange and other bacterial infections. We have spayed a further 198 and rescued 86 dogs since our last newsletter.

For more detailed info please read on...

KAT's staff, board of directors, and volunteers at the animal shelter in Kathmandu, NepalHappy 6th
Anniversary KAT!

On 9th May 2010, KAT celebrated its 6th anniversary. It was 6 years ago when KAT was first set up by Jan. The staff and the KAT Board Members were all cordially invited to attend. Mr Hari Bamsha Acharya (one of the most popular comedian actors in Nepal and also the board chairman) cut
The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre's staff and board members at KAT's animal shelter in Nepalthe cake and got the celebrations underway.

Everyone said they had a great day, all the staff sang Happy Birthday and acknowledged that another milestone had been achieved. Treats were handed out and the dogs even got to celebrate by eating cake that day!

Jan Salter, KAT Founder receives HSI Award

Jan Salter, founder of the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, at the HSI Expo

Jan Salter at the Humane Society International Expo

We are delighted that Jan our KAT Founder was awarded the prestigious “Extraordinary Commitment and Achievement Award” by the Humane Society International (HSI). The Award was handed over at the United States Animal Care Expo in Nashville, Tennessee at a gathering of nearly 2000 animal protectionists worldwide.

The award recognizes individual animal protectionists from all over the world "whose sensitivity and compassion have led them to exceptional levels of bravery and self-sacrifice as they strive to mitigate and prevent animal suffering due to neglect, cruelty, and exploitation".

"We are proud that the Founder of KAT Centre has been recognised for her work with dogs in Nepal," says artiste Hari Bamsha Acharya, Chairman of KAT Centre.

Thank you Gregg

Gregg Tully in NepalWe would like to extend a massive thank you and appreciation to Gregg Tully. Gregg volunteered at the KAT Centre for one year in 2007. During his recent visit to Nepal in May, Gregg brought with him a whopping suitcase full of veterinary supplies which were donated by the Marin Humane Society animal shelter in California, USA.

Gregg works now with the 'Nepal Youth Foundation' (NYF) and although he is based in California - he is always on hand to help KAT in any way he can. Many many thanks all round!

A street dog in Nepal getting animal care and treatment at the KAT CentreLaxmi – update

A rescued stray dog receiving treatment at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre










Many of our supporters have asked about Laxmi, the abandoned German Sheppard we featured in our last Newsletter. You will be pleased to know that with loving care and treatment, she has almost completely recovered from her mange (skin disease). Her wobbly back leg has now straightened and she is no longer in pain. Laxmi is now a very different, much calmer dog, no longer the frantic, frightened and nervous animal when she arrived at KAT. This gentle soft eyed creature seems to have amazingly grown in stature and is now a real whopper. She is now ready for adoption and needs a loving home.

Volunteers in Nepal at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment CentreKAT's latest additions –
James and Laura

In November last year, James and Laura arrived in Kathmandu, having traveled India for a year. On the way, they volunteered at numerous animal shelters. When they finally arrived at KAT, they were clearly armed with a love of animals and a dream of opening their own centre for Nepal’s street animals - keen to help in any way they could.

Volunteers with animals in Nepal, at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

On June 28th, they were granted in Nepal a research visa. During the next year, they will be dividing their time between working at KAT and doing research into the benefits and impact of KAT’s Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme on the local Kathmandu community. A very warm welcome to James and Laura from the KAT family.

Tara – Update

Tara, a paraplegic dog who does animal-assisted therapyTo those of you who love to hear about our plucky paraplegic dog Tara. Here is a lovely picture of her enjoying a scratch. Tara, an injured dog who does Pet Therapy

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