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KAT is an animal welfare organization that helps stray dogs like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy before treatment

The KAT Centre rescues and helps animals like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy after treatment

How to Care for Your Dog:
Living with a Dog

Training a dog and other pet care tips from the KAT Centre in Kathmandu, NepalYour dog is a very social animal who needs to be a part of a “pack” – and her pack is you and your family. There are many fun ways to make her a happy, loyal friend.
• Let her spend as much time as possible with you and your family.
Spend a lot of time giving her attention, every day. Play with her, brush her, pet her, and take her for walks.
Give her exercise every day, even if it is very cold, very hot, or raining. On hot days, take her out at the beginning or end of the day when it is coolest.
If she is causing problems, such as chewing things she shouldn’t or being too energetic, she may need more exercise. Take her outside and play with her until she is tired; the problems may disappear.
Some dogs love to be trained. Training a dog to “sit,” “roll over,” and other commands can be fun for both of you, and keeping her mind busy can improve her behavior.
Give her toys to keep her busy while you’re away. Be careful that she can’t choke on them.
• If possible, feed her while you’re eating your own meals – she will feel more accepted.

Try to give your dog a regular schedule for exercise, play, feeding, and sleep. Dogs feel more comfortable when they have a routine.

When your dog is first getting to know your family, carefully watch children when they are near the dog. Train the dog and the children to be gentle with each other. Teach children not to touch the dog when he is eating or sleeping.

There are dangers to letting let your dog go outside of your house and garden alone, such as fighting with other dogs and being hit by a vehicle. Put a collar around his neck with your name and phone number so someone can call you if he is hurt or runs away from home.

Advice about dog training, exercise and play for a dogIf you need to carry your dog, pick him up underneath and support his bottom and chest. NEVER pick him up by the scruff of the neck, ears or legs, as this is painful and can cause injury.

Put poisons, poisonous plants, and other things that are dangerous for your dog to chew on where he can’t get to them.

If you have the space, time and resources, consider adopting a second dog to keep your dog company!

If you plan to leave Nepal but you need to leave your dog behind, please contact the KAT Centre. We sometimes know someone who is living in Nepal for months or years and wants to have a pet while they’re here.

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