Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
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KAT is an animal welfare organization that helps stray dogs like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy before treatment

The KAT Centre rescues and helps animals like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy after treatment

Why Adopt a Mutt or a
Street Dog

Mutts Are Great Pets

Many people buy pure-bred dogs, such as German Shepherds, Boxers, Malteses, Terriers, and Labradors, and they sometimes pay a lot of money for them. But before you buy a dog, consider that animal shelters have mutts (also called mongrels, mixed-breed dogs, or local breed dogs) who you can adopt for much less money. At some shelters, including the KAT Centre, adoptions are free. At KAT, you will also get one year of free veterinary care when you adopt a shelter dog or cat. Learn more about adopting from KAT, and meet the dogs and cats who you can adopt today!

Because of their mixed background, mutts tend to have moderate, even-tempered personalities and more predictable behavior. In contrast, certain purebreds tend to defend their owners from other people (including visitors and friends) and some have reputations for attacking people, especially if they’re bred to be guard dogs.

Adopt a dog such as a mutt or shelter dog, instead of buying a dogMany pure breed dogs have health problems, such as bad hips, seizures due to epilepsy, breathing problems, and heart conditions. This is especially true in Nepal, where most pure-bred dogs are from inexperienced breeders in India. As a result, they usually need more vet care, which can be very expensive, and they tend to live shorter lives than mutts.

Help Your Community

By adopting a stray dog, you are saving an animal from the risks of life on the streets –collisions with cars, fights with dogs, starvation and malnutrition, and diseases such as mange and rabies. Since people usually don’t bring street dogs to veterinarians, they suffer for a long time from their illnesses. Some people abuse stray dogs, kicking them, throwing rocks at them, dumping boiling water on them, and worse.

You can improve your neighborhood by adopting a local street dog. No one wants a hungry or sick dog wandering the streets around their home. Some of these animals constantly suffer, and bother people when they search for food. Many only eat trash and scraps, which weakens their immune systems and leaves them vulnerable to mange and other diseases.

Reduce Cruelty to Animals

Purebred dogs and cats are often bred in inhumane conditions, and most people who buy them don’t know how they were raised. If you really want to buy a pure breed pet, be sure to buy it from a breeder with a good reputation, ask to see the mother and father, and visit their facilities to see the quality of animal care.

Almost all animal shelters are overwhelmed by the number of animals who are abandoned or were born in the streets and need someone to take care of them. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you open up space so they can rescue one more animal in distress.

Many street dogs and shelter dogs make great petsAlso, animal shelters often have some pure-bred dogs. They may not always have the kind of dog you want, but if you tell shelters in your area that you’re looking for a certain breed, they may call you if they take in one of those animals.

Care for a Dog in the Streets

You don’t need to bring a stray dog into your house to rescue her from constantly searching for food and suffering needlessly from illnesses. You can care for a dog who lives on the street near your home. Pet her and give her food every day, even if it’s just your left-over food. Take her to a vet if she seems sick. If you're in Kathmandu, you can call the KAT Centre if she is very ill.

Please save a life by adopting a street dog or a shelter dog – from the KAT Centre, from the area around your home, or from a shelter where you live.