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Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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We are continually looking to improve our facilities and expand our programme, and for this we need to increase awareness and raise much needed funds. Please help in any way you can and Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

A dog rescued

                and treated by the KAT Centre and Jan Salter



Tried and tested

Animal Welfare Organisations accept that Animal Birth Control (ABC) has been proven to be the only humane way of controlling the street dog population and eliminating rabies worldwide.

In many cities in India, Animal Birth Control (ABC) has completely eliminated rabies and dramatically reduced street dog populations.

A stray

                dog in Nepal, rescued and treated by the Kathmandu

                Animal Treatment Centre
Post-op care at the KAT Centre




                before treatment
Beauty before treatment


                after treatment
Beauty after treatment


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The KAT Centre in the News

When A Stray Dog's In Trouble, Katmandu's Canine Rescuers Jump To It
Donatella Lorch , 08 December 2014

VetEnt Plays Key Role In Helping Kathmandu's Street Dogs
Read how VetEnt from New Zealand supported the KAT Centre and street dogs of Kathmandu.
VetEnt Blog , 11 July 2012

Kathmandu calling for Lesley
Read Lesley Mochan's heart-warming story about the emotional ups and downs of her day at the KAT Centre.
infonews, 1 June 2012

Videos about KAT on the Care2 News Network!
Watch two videos about the KAT Centre that are featured on the Care2 News Network:
• Jan Salter Introduces the KAT Centre and the Plight of Nepal’s Stray Dogs
• A Video Tour of the Centre – See What We Do at KAT!
Care2 News Network, 30 May 2012

A report on KAT's method of helping stray dogs
Read a report about the KAT Centre’s Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Rescue & Treatment programs on the website of Animal SOS!
Animal SOS, 15 May 2012

Read Tsem Rinpoche's blog about his visit to KAT!
Tsem Tulku Rinpoche wrote about his visit to the KAT Centre and his generous support for the KAT Centre, and included lots of photos.
Tsem Rinpoche's Blog, 22 May 2012

Volunteer vet students describe their first days in Nepal, what life is like for a street dog, and volunteering at KAT!
Check again for more of Colin and Catherine's updates as they settle into life in Nepal.
Veterinarians Without Borders Blog, May 2012

See videos and photos of KAT's anniversary party!
If you couldn't join is to celebrate the KAT Centre's eighth annversary on 9 May, take a look at photos and videos of the event! (You can also watch the video on a different webpage.)
DC Nepal, 12 May 2012

Former Marin Humane Society employee recognized for work in Nepal
Gregg Tully, who worked and volunteered at the Marin Humane Society, is receiving their 'Humanitarian of the Year' award for supporting the KAT Centre.
Marin Independent Journal, 7 May 2012

Stray Dogs: Solution in Sight
Read about a novel plan to bring animal welfare into Nepal's school curriculum, as well as KAT's solution to Kathmandu's street dog problem.
Rising Nepal, 20 April 2012

KAT Campaign - Take The Lead
Lex Limbu encourages everyone to join in KAT's Facebook campaign on his blog!
Lex Limbu's 'Number 1 Source', 7 April 2012

Eliminating Rabies in Nepal by Treating Street Dogs (in April 2012, on page 5)
Animal Birth Control with rabies vaccinations is the solution to Kathmandu's problems with street dogs and rabies!
Newsetter of Friends of Nepal (returned Peace Corps volunteers), April 2012

In Conversation with Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Read an interview with Gregg Tully of the KAT Centre about the organization's successes, challenges, and more.
Global Animal Welfare Development Society, 31 March 2012

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The KAT Centre's Updates and Newsletters

June 2014 | Read about KAT's move to a new, larger shelter, and more exciting changes!

October 2012 | Read about a big gesture by 2 little girls, how the road widening in Kathmandu is affecting KAT, the results of the dog population survey and more

July 2012 | Read about rescue of a mangy community dog, our mass vaccination program, result of facebook campaign.

May 2012 | A young man was inspired by KAT to become a vet, a very 'Lucky' dog gets a second chance, a conversation with KAT's volunteers, and more!

March 2012 | Farewell to Mango the KAT mascot, our supporter Ekta's fun ideas for fundraising, the rescue of a one-day-old puppy, raising awareness on the streets of Kathmandu, and more!

December 2011 | Meet a blind dog named Moti and a tiny puppy who came to KAT in a shoebox, read about KAT's plan to build a permanent treatment centre, and learn how you can sponsor a kennel or a rescued dog at KAT!


                  volunteer walks a disabled dog in Kathmandu, NepalOctober 2011 | Learn about the special bond between a dog and her rescuer, a program to protect a village from rabies, all the ways volunteers can help at KAT, some creative fundraising ideas, and more!

August 2011 | Meet Yo Yo, a little dog who's full of energy despite her disability; get to know the KAT Centre's vets; and learn about a great easy way to raise money for the animals at KAT!

May 2011 | Read about the KAT Centre's successes as it reaches its seventh anniversary, meet Bal Krishna and learn about his many roles at KAT, and find out about some of the dogs we have recently rescued!

January 2011 | Learn about Nirmala, our 'puppy lady', a formerly illiterate woman who is now a valuable member of KAT's operation theatre team; and read about rescued animals who are some of KAT's success stories

July 2010 | Jan Salter recieves an achievement award from Humane Society International, KAT is supported by dedicated volunteers, and updates about Laxmi the German Shepard and Tara the paraplegic dog

May 2010 | The KAT Centre goes solar, international and Nepali animal groups gather at KAT for a workshop, cats at KAT, and the touching story of a dog named Buddy

February 2010 | Read about the KAT Centre's latest accomplishments, and a volunteer's experience at KAT

October 2009 | The KAT Centre celebrates Nepal's dogs on dog tikka day, and the heartbreaking story of Sita


                  veterinarian and staff vet at KATAugust 2009 | Carolyn Rafferty describes her visit to the KAT Centre and the incredible impact that KAT is having on animals – and children – in Kathmandu

August 2009 | Read about the KAT Centre's accomplishments for Nepalese dogs since it began five years ago

August 2009 | Our paraplegic dog Tara gets a new wheelchair, a former street dog visits KAT on his world tour, and we find a brave boy who risked his life to save a street dog!

February 2007 | The third issue of 'The KAT Times' newsletter

February 2006 | The second issue of 'The KAT Times' newsletter

November 2004 | The first issue of 'The KAT Times' newsletter

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