Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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A Message from Jan Salter,
the Founder of the KAT Centre

Dear Friend,

The work of the Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) Centre is vital both to public health and animal welfare in Kathmandu. Until now KAT Centre has improved the life of thousands of street dogs and worked tirelessly to help animals in need. After the devastating earthquake and the recent blockade from India, here in Kathmandu our work is more important than ever, but we are now facing a critical situation that we would not be able to overcome without help.

Although KAT has always managed to cover its day-to-day running costs, it is now facing a major challenge: as without warning, the lease on its centre has been revoked, catastrophically leaving us with only a short time to find a new location. This is a common occurrence in Nepal, which recently slowed down our activities for months. Consequently we realize the necessity to buy a permanent site, not subject to the whims of landlords and property developers. This will ultimately enable KAT to help animals more effectively. We have already found and negotiated a new site but we need to raise the required funds before September 2016 to make the final payment on the property and build the infrastructures.

We do not receive governmental funds neither we have professional fundraisers, but we rely on the support of kind donors like you. We are already more than half way towards our objective and together this can be accomplished. We need you and others like you to spread the word. If you have already supported KAT, so you are convinced of the worth of what we do, please convince others: your personal influence will be more effective than anything we can say in our modest fundraising efforts.

With your support we will be able to continue with our work and steadily expand our vaccination and Animal Birth Control Programs, so as to reduce the suffering of street dogs and cut down the threat of rabies to the people of Kathmandu.

Please help KAT and spread the word, ANY contribution big or small will matter.

Click here to donate: katcentre.org.np/help/donate.html

A warm thank you from all the Kathmandu street dogs!

Jan Salter

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