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Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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Tried and tested

Animal Welfare Organisations accept that Animal Birth Control (ABC) has been proven to be the only humane way of controlling the street dog population and eliminating rabies worldwide.

In many cities in India, Animal Birth Control (ABC) has completely eliminated rabies and dramatically reduced street dog populations.

A stray dog in Nepal, rescued and treated by the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Post-op care at the KAT Centre



We found Mango on the streets in March 2004, in a pitiful state. After much care and medical treatment, Mango made a full recovery and is today living proof of what can be achieved with compassion and determination.

Mango before treatment
Mango before treatment

Mango after treatment
Mango after treatment


What Your Donation
Can Provide

Vaccinate a stray dog or cat
NRs 150, £ 1, or US$2

More than 200 people in Nepal die of rabies every year, most of them children. We give an anti-rabies vaccination to every street cat and dog who comes to our shelter. Rabies vaccines are not expensive - with a donation of US$20, we can vaccinate 10 animals!

Your money rescues stray dogs and other animals in Kathmandu, NepalSterilise a street dog - help manage Kathmandu's canine population
NRs 2000, £ 20, or US$30

Enable KAT to sterilise a stray dog and vaccinate her for rabies. She lives at the Centre for three or four days so we can be sure she is healthy before we release her back to her neighborhood. Your contribution can cover all the expenses of caring for the dog, including surgical supplies, medicine, food, bedding, shelter, and more.

Provide treatment for a stray cat or dog in need
NRs 3000, £ 30, or US$50

The KAT Centre rescues stray dogs and cats who are suffering from abuse, illnesses, and injuries. You can support the veterinary treatment of an animal who was hit by a car, has infected open sores, or worse. We also sterilise them and vaccinate them for rabies.
Read about Kanchi, a little kitten who was found barely alive on the street!

Sponsor a kennel or rescued dog at KAT
Your sponsorship will provide veterinary treatment, medicine, food, shelter, and loving care. We will send you updates about the animals you're helping.
Sponsor a kennel
NRs 30,000, 300, or US$500 per year
Donate to support all the dogs who live in a kennel at the KAT Centre throughout the year. Your generosity will make an impact on dozens of animals in need.
Sponsor an in-house dog
NRs 15,000, 150, or US$200 per year
Support one of the stray animals we have rescued who now lives at KAT because they can't adapt to street life again, often due to disabilities or chronic illnesses.
Sponsor long-term treatment for an animal in severe need
NRs 8000, 80, or US$120
Some of the dogs we rescue are completely covered in mange, or suffer from severe injuries or multiple infections. Your donation of can restore them to health.
Learn more about these opportunities

Create a stable, rabies-free dog community
NRs 35,000, £ 300, or US$500

Animal Birth Control (ABC) is most effective when we work in a neighbourhood to sterilise every female street dog possible to stop uncontrolled breeding, and vaccinate every dog we collect to eliminate rabies. We then repeat the process in nearby community. Please enable us to create a healthy canine community. We will send you a report about the neighbourhood and our work there.
Click here or email KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np.

Educate school children about animal welfare
NRs 2000, £ 20, or US$30

Give KAT the opportunity to visit a school and teach children about compassion for animals, KAT's work for street dogs, how to care for their pets, rabies prevention, and more. Our humane education programme includes a video, interactive discussions, and handouts. The children will gain a new appreciation of animals and their needs.

Bring pet therapy to a school for disabled children or an orphanage
NRs 3500, £ 30, or US$50

Help us enrich the lives of dozens of needy children in Nepal through an animal therapy programme. Your contribution will fund all the expenses of bringing KAT's 'Dr Dogs' to provide emotional therapy at an orphanage or school, as well as the feeding, shelter, and any needed medical treatment for our therapy animals.

Create a healthy dog community and a human community educated in animal welfare
NRs 70,000, £ 600, or US$1000

KAT's integrated approach includes:
• Sterilising and vaccinating every female dog we can collect in a neighbourhood
• Giving veterinary treatment to sick and injured animals in the community
• Teaching children in local schools topics such as the needs of street dogs
• Educating adults to care for street dogs and to call KAT when dogs need treatment

Please make it possible for us to transform a community. We will send you a report about the neighbourhood and the results of our work there. Click here or email KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np.

Help us in our mission to create a healthy, stable population of street dogs in Kathmandu, and to reduce to risk of rabies to local people. Join our effort today: make a donation, become a Member, sponsor a dog, or sponsor a kennel!

If you can donate any equipment or other supplies, especially items on our wish list, please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np. We can often find people to transport these items to Kathmandu, Nepal.