Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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KAT is an animal welfare organization that helps stray dogs like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy before treatment

The KAT Centre rescues and helps animals like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy after treatment

How You Can Help

Help rescue animals in Kathmandu, Nepal like this puppy and kitten!To achieve our objective of controlling the large dog population of Kathmandu, Nepal in a sustainable humane way, our programme urgently needs to be extended to other parts of the city.

With your help and co-operation, we can achieve our goals and make Kathmandu an animal friendly city – and the horrendous poisoning will be a thing of the past.

Donate: Make a one-time gift or easily set up recurring monthly donations to help us rescue animals in Nepal. Donors in the U.K. and the U.S. receive tax benefits.

See what your donation can provide: Money goes far in Nepal, and KAT uses contributions extremely efficiently. Learn what projects you can make possible!

'The quality of care provided at KAT rivals that of some of the orphanages I have visited and volunteered at here in Nepal. This is an organization that is getting things right, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of that.'
 – Trevor LaSarre of Chicago, USA

Sponsor a dog or a kennel:
• Donate to support the treatment, care and feeding of all the dogs in a kennel for a year, for NRs 30,000, 300, or US$500.
• Provide long-term treatment to an animal in severe need for NRs 8000, 70, or US$120. You can name the animal you sponsor!
• Give treatment, medication, and food to a dog who lives at KAT for NRs 15,000, 150, or US$200 per year. Update: All of our in-house dogs currently have sponsors. Please consider sponsoring a kennel instead.
Meet our in-house dogs, some of whom need sponsors!

Become a Member: Give much-needed ongoing support to help KAT continue its work.
Basic Member: NRs 600, £ 5, or US$10 per year
Supporting Member: NRs 6000, £ 50, or US$100 per year
Schools: NRs 1000 per year.

Volunteer: Come to KAT in Kathmandu, Nepal and improve the lives of street dogs! You can help in a wide variety of ways. We are in need of veterinarians, vet students, and vet techs/nurses, as well as non-technical volunteers. You can also give foster care to animals in your home, and volunteer to help the KAT Centre in your own country.

Your donation will help rescue animals in Nepal like this oneAdopt a dog or cat: Many of the animals who have been saved by KAT's Rescue & Treatment Programme are at the Centre hoping to find their forever homes. Come meet your new best friend!

Raise money and awareness: There are many fun, creative, and easy ways to support the KAT Centre where you live! Read examples and ideas, get advice, and use our helpful fundraising toolkit.

Donate items on our wish list: Give laptops, cameras, veterinary supplies, and much more, to help keep the KAT Centre running.

Meet some of our supporters: Read about the diverse ways some of our supporters have contributed to the KAT Centre.