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Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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Beauty before treatment
Beauty before treatment

Beauty after treatment
Beauty after treatment


Since KAT began its programme, we have noticed significant local support from the community. We came to learn that many local people are deeply concerned about both the suffering of the stray dogs and the health risks associated with them. In the past there was no alternative to the government poisoning dogs. We have succeeded in convincing the city government about the importance of our work, and as a result they have ceased the poisoning campaigns where KAT operates.

We are also getting an increasing number of calls to rescue dogs that have been involved in accidents or have been mistreated. We answer as many of these appeals as we can.

Fundraising Toolkit

Use posters and online videos to help KAT rescue stray dogs in Nepal Useful resources for people planning events to raise money or awareness about the KAT Centre

• Downloads
• Online videos
• More resources (at the bottom)


Leaflet about KAT and its programmes
A4 (Letter) size paper, back and front: Color or black and white

Poster about KAT
A4 (Letter) size paper: Color or black and white
A3 (11 by 17 inch) paper: Color or black and white

Customizable poster for your event
A4 (Letter) size paper: Color or black and white
A3 (11 by 17 inch) paper: Color or black and white

KAT's Case Statement: a two-page introduction to the street dog situation in Kathmandu, the KAT Centre, and our programs
Two A4 (Letter) size pages (3MB PDF file)

Sign-up Sheet for people to write their names and contact information
A4 (Letter) size paper

Donation Sheet for people to write their names, information, and amounts of donations
A4 (Letter) size paper

The KAT Centre's logo
A5 (5 by 8 inch) paper: Color or black and white
A4 (Letter) size paper: Color or black and white
A3 (11 by 17 inch) paper: Color or black and white

Entertain and educate an audience – or just a few friends – with a presentation about KAT. You can download complete slideshows or slideshows you can insert your own photos into! Feel free to personalize these in any way you want.
Complete slideshows:
Powerpoint files: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes
Slideshows with blank spaces for your own pictures:
Powerpoint files: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes

Show online videos and slideshows about animals in Nepal to raise money and supportShare your experience in our Feedback Form! Your valuable feedback will help us improve our Fundraising Toolkit and help other fundraisers plan successful, fun events. Please download the Feedback Form, fill it in after the event, and send it to us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np.


Online videos

Connect your computer to a projector or television and show videos about KAT.

• Kukur Puja: The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (12 minutes)

• Jan Salter, founder of the KAT Centre, describes KAT's programmes (4 minutes)

Show a video about Charlotte Uhlenbroek, BBC presenter, and stray dogs in Nepal • BBC presenter Charlotte Uhlenbroek discusses the plight of Nepal's street dogs (10 minutes) Charlotte Uhlenbroek describes the harsh lives of stray dogs in Kathmandu and the work of the KAT Centre. This was made years ago when KAT was just beginning.

• A slideshow of KAT's projects for street dogs and KAT staff at work (1 minute)

• Meet Kanchu, a cute little dog who captured the hearts of KAT's staff (1 1/2 minutes) This scrawny creature was found abandoned in the tourist area of Thamel, covered in filth. After a lot of treatment and care, she's our dancing dog!

More resources

• Read some examples and ideas to inspire you

• Get advice about holding successful fundraising or awareness-raising events

• Please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np or +977 984-3810363 if you want to discuss fundraising possibilities