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Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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KAT is an animal welfare organization that helps stray dogs like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy before treatment

The KAT Centre rescues and helps animals like Lucy in Kathmandu, Nepal
Lucy after treatment

Fundraising Examples & Ideas

A few examples and ideas to inspire you:

Have a party or other event, or get sponsored, to help stray dogs in Nepal like herTell your friends online! An easy way to let people know about the KAT Centre is to be friends with KAT on Facebook and subscribe to our videos on YouTube! You can send a message to everyone in your email address book about KAT, and tell your Facebook friends and Twitter followers about us. Be sure to mention the link to our website Ė www.KATCentre.org.np.

Get sponsored! Ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor you in almost any activity, such as climbing a mountain, going on a diet, shaving your head, trekking in Nepal, stopping smoking, or doing a long-distance walk, bike ride or run.
• Print a few copies of KAT’s Donation Sheet to collect pledges.
• It's easy to make an online fundraising page on JustGiving.com and email the link to people in your email address book. Please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np to discuss setting this up.
• Setting a fundraising target can motivate people to make bigger pledges.
• You can even ask your employers to match what you raise for KAT

Trek to rescue dogs: Suzanne Reid of Kilburnie, Scotland trekked around Mount Kailash in Tibet and asked people to sponsor her effort through a fundraising webpage she made on JustGiving.com. She raised more than £1,200 – enough to rescue and treat almost 150 sick and injured street dogs!
Contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np to learn more about JustGiving.com

Fundraise to help stray dogs in Nepal!Sell homemade food and drinks! Bake sales and lemonade stands are fun and easy ways for adults or children to raise a surprising amount of money. Put up posters about KAT to let everyone know the money will help street dogs in Nepal. You can set up a table at a local fair or organise a neighbourhood yard sale.

Put out a donation box: A young animal lover named Bethany from Lyme Regis, U.K. put a donation box at her father's bakery. To let people know about KAT and the plight of street dogs in Nepal, she also made a sign which was posted at the bakery. Bethany raised £150 to treat and vaccinate dogs who have no one to care for them!

Host an event! At your house, you can hold a cocktail party, a barbeque, a tea party, or a wine and cheese reception. More interactive events include a bar night or quiz night at your local pub or a game of chance such as bingo or tombola. You can even invite some friends to watch a slideshow about KAT (which you can download from our Fundraising Toolkit). This is a terrific way to let people know about KATís programs to rescue animals in need.

Hold a fundraiser where you work! You can donate one day of profits to the KAT Centre. Promote this event to attract customers and raise awareness about KAT.

Honour the memory of a loved one: Diane Cove of England honored her late husband, Leslie Cove, by donating the money given at his funeral and matching it with the income from auctioning some of his possessions. ĎIt was his all-embracing respect for living things that inspired the gift,í she explained.

Use Facebook, YouTube, or eBay to raise support and funds for dogs in NepalAsk for Gift Aid! If your event is in the UK, be sure to ask people to write down their full name, complete postal address, and the amount of their donation, so their contributions can be increased by almost a third by Gift Aid. You can print a few copies of KAT's Donation Sheet to help keep track of the contributions.

Have an eBay auction! Sell jewelry, hand-made crafts, or things you donít need any more and donate the money to KAT.

Ask people to donate for your birthday! Instead of gathering more presents that you donít need, why not ask people to give to KAT instead? This can inspire young people to think about helping others on their birthdays.

Use your birthday to support animals: Suzanne Reid said, "I was about to turn 40, and instead of gifts I asked people to donate to the dogs. My friends and family all took part and we raised about £530."

Start a club at your school! You can sell candy, hold a car wash, and much more to raise money to rescue dogs in Nepal.

More resources

• Get advice about holding successful fundraising or awareness-raising events

• Use the helpful resources in our Fundraising Toolkit

• Please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np or +977 984-3810363 if you want to discuss fundraising possibilities