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Together, let us create a city where cruelty to animals is eliminated.

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Beauty before treatment
Buddy when he arrived at KAT

Beauty after treatment
Buddy after medical treatment

Advice for Fundraisers

Hold a party or other fundraising event for street dogs in NepalSuggestions for holding successful fundraising or awareness-raising events

If you’re considering planning an event to raise awareness or money for KAT, we’re happy to help! Take a look at the resources in our Fundraising Toolkit. We can also send you brochures to hand out to people and DVDs you can show to inform people about KAT. If your event will be in Kathmandu, we will be happy to come and give a presentation.

Planning the event

• Who is your audience?
• How much money do you hope to raise?
• What do you expect your expenses to be?
• How will you promote your event? You can send personal invitations, put up posters, and email or phone all your friends, family, and colleagues and ask them to spread the word.
• What can you do to make sure the event is a success?

At the event

Host an event to raise money or awareness to help KAT treat dogs• Make someone responsible for handling money.
• Tell people about street dogs in Nepal, what KAT does for them, and why you were inspired to get involved. This will motivate them to contribute!
• Put out Sign-up Sheets and ask everyone to write down their contact information.
• Take pictures!

After the event

• Share photos of the event by email and on Facebook.
• Collect any money that people promised to give.
• Send KAT any money you collected. You can send a cheque by post, make a bank transfer, or make an online credit card donation.
• Send us copies of the Sign-up Sheets so we can thank your supporters. You can send us the sheets by post, scan them and email them to KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np, or simply photograph them and email us the photos.
• Fill out our Feedback Form so other fundraisers can learn from your experience.

More resources

• Read some examples and ideas to inspire you

• Use the helpful resources in our Fundraising Toolkit

• Please contact us at KATinfo@KATCentre.org.np or +977 984-3810363 if you want to discuss fundraising possibilities