Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre
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Animal Birth Control (ABC)
& Rabies Vaccination Programme

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre's Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme started in May 2004 and operates along the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for management of stray dog populations.Sterilization (spay/neuter) surgery and other veterinary care for animals in Nepal

Concentrating on an area of the city at a time, trained staff pick up female stray dogs and take them to the KAT Centre. Here, each dog is registered by the veterinary staff, who record the health of the dog and the neighbourhood from where it was picked up.

After being allowed to settle for 12 to 24 hours, the dog is:

  1. Treated for existing health problems
  2. Vaccinated against rabies
  3. Sterilised (spayed) and given an ear mark to indicate that it has been treated plus an individual tattoo for future identification

Rabies vaccinations, sterilization operations, and other medical treatment for dogs in NepalAfter a recovery period of up to six days, the dogs are released back into the same neighbourhood in which they were caught. With our current facilities, 100 to 120 female stray dogs are sterilised, vaccinated for rabies, dewormed and treated for existing illness or injury each month. Additionally, through our Rescue & Treatment programme, around 50 sick and injured stray dogs are rescued, treated for their medical problems, sterilised, and returned to where they were picked up every month.

A healthy Nepali dog vaccinated for rabies and sterilizedTried and tested

Animal Welfare Organisations accept that Animal Birth Control (ABC) has been demonstrated to be the only humane way of controlling the street dog population and eliminating rabies worldwide.

In many cities in India, Animal Birth Control (ABC) has completely eliminated rabies and dramatically reduced street dog populations.


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