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Beauty before treatment
Beauty before treatment

Beauty after treatment
Beauty after treatment

More Success Stories of KAT's
Rescue & Treatment Programme


Kanchu was a sick and diseased stray dog in Nepal who KAT rescuedThis tiny scrawny creature was found abandoned in the tourist area of Thamel. Kanchu (Nepali for 'much loved youngest sister') was covered in filth and was suffering from appalling skin disease. She was so weak that she was unable to stand without support. After rescuing this little dog and giving her a good wash and scrub, KAT staff were pleasantly surprised to see that underneath all of that grime she is a cute little Japanese Spitz!

Kanchu, a dog in Nepal, wants to be adopted Kanchu needed a lot of treatment and care before her life was put back on track. A neurological problem, originating perhaps from her terrible past, causes her to walk in jerky and uneven steps… our dancing Kanchu! She likes to cuddle up in the sun with the puppies and the kittens. The staff has grown very fond of little Kanchu, and she will live at KAT until the right person adopts her.

Watch a video of Kanchu and see her 'dance' around the KAT Centre!


Rescue, treatment, and adoption for a dog in NepalLaxmi

This beautiful German Shepard was brought in to KAT in terrible condition – she had a painful limp and a bad case of mange (a skin mite that causes painful itching). With loving care and treatment, she completely recovered from her mange. Her wobbly back leg has now straightened and she is no longer in pain. Laxmi is now a very different, much calmer dog, no longer the frantic, frightened and nervous animal when she arrived at KAT. This gentle soft eyed creature seems to have amazingly grown in stature and is now a real whopper.

UPDATE: We are delighted to say that Laxmi has recently been adopted!

Kalu, an injured, dirty street dog, rescued in NepalKalu

This dog was rescued from the streets of Kathmandu and dropped off by a KAT supporter early one morning. Kalu (Nepali for 'Blackie') was in urgent need of KAT's help. He was in an appalling state with wounds all over his body. The worst thing was that he had a missing and hideously maggot-infested ear. After weeks of treatment, he is now almost completely healed. Kalu's ear is permanently lost and he will always be in need of some medical attention, but he is now living a happy and healthy life at the KAT Centre.

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