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A street dog before treatment
Buddy when he arrived at KAT

The same dog after treatment
Buddy after medical treatment

Success Stories of KAT's
Rescue & Treatment Programme


Buddy, a homeless dog in Nepal, was rescued by the KAT CentreBuddy was on the run when he was found outside the British Embassy - out of his territory and desperately out of his depth. The street dogs of the area were after him from every side.

Despite his hairless skin being covered in huge sores and mange, he was clearly not a street-wise dog. His ears were ragged, torn and bleeding from fighting off his assailants. This is a very common sad fate of dogs when they are abandoned to the streets by owners who have not thought to treat a sick dog. (Mange is caused by mites that burrow into the skin, making dogs itch and lose their hair in patches.) Mange is very easily and cheaply treatable in the early stages. It was also clear from Buddy's wobbly bandy legs caused by malnutrition that he had come from an uncaring home.

A stray dog waiting for adoption in Kathmandu, NepalThis animal's reaction to being rescued and scooped up into the KAT van was one of grateful shy bewilderment. Once at KAT, it took time before he would venture out of the safety of his kennel and cardboard box and mix with the other dogs. Many weeks have passed and Buddy is now a very different fun-loving dog. He has now been adopted and he is happily living in a loving home.


'In all the chaos of Kathmandu, there is an oasis of peace and love. The people from the KAT Centre really have a heart for their work. They take care of the animals with so much tenderness.'
 – Anna Hoogendijk from the Netherlands

Kanchi, a homeless cat in Kathmandu, Nepal, rescued by KATKanchi

Little Kanchi (Nepali for 'youngest sister') and her newborn sister were found abandoned on the street. Both kittens were near death. Nirmala, our puppy lady – as we like to call her – nursed both kittens with her usual loving care. But unfortunately, try as we might, we were not able to rescue both animals. Kanchi, the surviving kitten, freely ran around the Centre with the puppies. This playful cat had no fear of the big dogs that sniffed her in puzzlement, and no dog made any sign of aggression towards her. She seems to think she is a puppy!

Kanchi has been adopted and lives with dogs!Kanchi has now been adopted into a loving home, where she continues to fearlessly play with big dogs!

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