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About the KAT Centre

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre) was first conceived after Jan Salter, the founder of KAT, visited the organization Help in Suffering in Jaipur, India. Impressed with the way this and other animal welfare organizations have managed difficult street dog problems and eliminated rabies through Animal Birth Control (ABC) and widespread rabies vaccinations, Jan came back to Nepal convinced Kathmandu, Nepal can become a rabies-free, dog-friendly city. The KAT Centre was registered as a non-profit, charitable animal welfare organisation in 2003. The Centre officially opened its doors on 9 May 2004 and it has grown steadily since then.

'I thank you for making me feel so welcome during my time at the KAT Centre. The work and dedication everyone puts forth to making life better for the animals of Kathmandu is inspiring. I am grateful to have contributed a small part.'
 – Emmeline from Chicago, USA

Jan Salter, artist of Faces of Nepal and founder of the KAT CentreJan Salter, Founder
Originally from the UK, Jan Salter now feels that Nepal is her second home and lives for much of the time in Kathmandu with a family of rescued cats and dogs. Since 1975 she has been painting Nepali people and has had many exhibitions of her portrait series ‘Faces of Nepal’. In 1997 Jan Salter was decorated with the ’Gorkha Dakshin Bahu’ by the then Nepali king, Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. She has worked with the organisation ’Maiti Nepal’ and has produced a series of paintings on the trafficking of Nepalese girls. She is also a support member for organisations concerned with homeless Nepalese women and mentally disturbed people. Jan Salter started the KAT Centre in 2004 to help the dogs of Nepal and is the chief motivator in all its activities.

Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek, author and BBC presenterDr Charlotte Uhlenbroek, Patron of the KAT Centre
"I grew up in Kathmandu and as a child witnessed the horrific suffering when the stray dogs were being poisoned. It was like a scene from hell. I promised myself that when I was older I would return and try to do something about it. I met Jan Salter in 2003, a well-known artist in Kathmandu, who has rescued a great many stray dogs single-handedly, and we agreed then and there to find a proper solution to the problem - and so KAT came into existence. I am completely committed to this project and feel tremendously optimistic; it’s a finite problem and we know what the solution is. All we need is your help." Charlotte Uhlenbroek is a BBC television presenter, animal behaviourist, and author.

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